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Syncing Blackbaud phone numbers to Remind

What's Remind?

Remind is software that lets students, parents, and teachers communicate with one another. Check out their website to learn more:

Why do I need phone numbers in Remind?

One of Remind's features is mass texting. For example, imagine a teacher needs to let his students know that class is canceled for the day.

With Remind, the teacher doesn't even need to know his student's numbers. He can just message his class group in Remind. Remind will then forward the message to the group's phone numbers. It's great for convenience and privacy.

Unfortunately, if Remind doesn't have the students' phone numbers, the whole thing falls apart!

Can Clever sync phone numbers to Remind?

No. As Remind notes:

Since Clever doesn’t store student phone numbers, student accounts created via Clever sync will only include email addresses.


So how is a school syncing to Remind through Clever supposed to do it? Students have to self-register.

To self-register, students have to text 81010 and text their student ID number to Remind.

While the process isn't complicated, getting the whole student body to comply could be! Remind recommends putting up posters and scheduling an 81010 day:

Preparing for 81010 day:

  1. Roster your community with SIS Sync (teachers, students, parents, and classes) with Remind.
  2. Let teachers and staff members know about 81010 day and what’s involved.
  3. Make sure students have and know their student ID numbers.
  4. Print out copies of our 81010 poster, fill in your school/class code, and put them up where they’ll be seen (like the front office or hallways).


There's a better way!

Userbus syncs phone numbers from Blackbaud to Remind automatically. No posters necessary!

To check it out, select the button below!

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Eric Eskildsen is a software entrepreneur and all-around hero. He also writes author biographies from time to time. Eric got interested in school data sync while working as a system administrator at a high school in Michigan. His first product, Sisdir, was used by schools to sync FACTS to Active Directory. Today, schools across the U.S. depend on Userbus for their data integration needs.