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Automatic User-Provisioning

Eliminate double-entry. Sync users from your SIS to third-party systems on the schedule that works for you.

Powerful Rules

Easily create rules for group membership, OU placement, account-matching, and more.

Advanced Reporting

Keep your eye on sync activity with summaries and logs sent straight to your inbox.

Customizable Cleanup

Automatically deactivate or delete accounts for users once they're not needed anymore.

Smart Account-Matching

Match SIS users to existing third-party accounts based on name, username, email, user ID, and more.

No Cert or Firewall Port Needed

Userbus uses a relay to communicate with Active Directory, so you don't have to open firewall ports or generate a cert for LDAPS.

Sync Destinations

Userbus supports many sync destinations, and the list is growing! Systems that we sync to include:

  • Active Directory
  • Apple School Manager
  • Follett Destiny
  • Incident IQ
  • SNAP Health Center
  • Rank One
  • Remind
  • Vanco Food