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Syncing Blackbaud athletic groups to Remind

What's Remind?

Remind is software that lets students, parents, and teachers communicate with one another. Check out their website to learn more:

What's a Blackbaud athletic group?

An athletic group is, for example, a football team. An athletic group is headed by one or more coaches and has student players.

Why sync Blackbaud athletic groups to Remind?

Having athletic groups in Remind lets coaches and players communicate easily.

Let's say Coach Joe needs to tell everyone on his football team that practice has been canceled. He can message the whole team in Remind, and the team can message him back with any questions.

With Remind, Coach Joe doesn't need to know anyone's phone number, and they don't need to know his. Phone numbers stay private, and Coach and his team don't have to go through the hassle of exchanging them every year. Messaging just works.

Can Clever or OneRoster sync the groups?

No—Blackbaud's OneRoster exports don't include athletic groups. Since Clever pulls data from Blackbaud through OneRoster, it doesn't, either.

Using OneRoster or Clever, your athletic groups won't show up in Remind.

What's the solution?

One solution is Userbus! We sync athletic groups to Remind automatically.

Other solutions include:

  • Manually exporting CSV files from Blackbaud when you need to update Remind, then add the athletic groups to the CSV files.

  • Making API calls to Blackbaud's SKY and OneRoster endpoints, then adding the SKY athletic groups to the OneRoster data. You could use something like Power Automate, PowerShell, or a general-purpose programming language like Python or C# for that.

In the end, the second option above is a lot like what Userbus does. The advantage of Userbus is that we're a ready-made solution, tested and battle-tested. We monitor and support the integration for you so that you can focus on more important things.


Adding athletic groups to Remind makes Remind a great tool for your coaches and players. Reach out for a demo! 🙂

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Eric Eskildsen is a software entrepreneur and all-around hero. He also writes author biographies from time to time. Eric got interested in school data sync while working as a system administrator at a high school in Michigan. His first product, Sisdir, was used by schools to sync FACTS to Active Directory. Today, schools across the U.S. depend on Userbus for their data integration needs.