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Userbus now syncs Blackbaud to SNAP Health Center

Userbus is excited to announce that we now support syncing student data from Blackbaud to SNAP Health Center by PSNI, Professional Software for Nurses, Inc.

Check it out! 👇

What's SNAP?

SNAP is school health management software for school nurses. See PSNI's website for more info.

Why would I need to sync to it?

Manually keeping SNAP up to date with Blackbaud can be time-consuming!

Take student enrollment. Imagine that a new student enrolls today and another drops out. You could manually add the new student and remove the other from SNAP, or you could export Advanced Lists from Blackbaud and make adjustments for SNAP's format. Either way, you have to not only be aware of the enrollment changes but also carry out the manual process needed to update SNAP.

Userbus takes care of that for you. We sync your data to SNAP automatically. Sync runs on a schedule, extracting your Blackbaud data, transforming it into the format that SNAP needs, and loading it into SNAP.

What data does Userbus sync to SNAP?

We sync:

  • Students
  • Demographics
  • Emergency contacts
  • Parents

Cool! How can I get started?

Choose the button below to get in touch!

I have a question that isn't answered here.

Sure—select the chat icon in the lower right and we'll see what we can do. 😊

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Eric Eskildsen is a software entrepreneur and all-around hero. He also writes author biographies from time to time. Eric got interested in school data sync while working as a system administrator at a high school in Michigan. His first product, Sisdir, was used by schools to sync FACTS to Active Directory. Today, schools across the U.S. depend on Userbus for their data integration needs.